Astrology forecast for february 11 2020

Thus, Lady Luck is sure to shine on those who work hard.

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The positioning of Saturn suggests being extremely cautious in day to day affairs such as crossing a road. A business trip for an executive or salesperson is seen happening in the near future, says your Scorpio Horoscopes. The movement of Saturn and Jupiter proves to be supportive as well as beneficial for you, in accordance with the forecast in your Scorpio Horoscope A time frame from the beginning of the year to the end of February seems to be productive and progressive.

The occupational front may mellow in mid-February but do not lose hope. Working continuously may yield desired results. Mercury moving in retrograde mode enters a fixed nature and the last of the air sign, Aquarius, from March 5. From March 10 onwards, Mercury is in direct motion. Thus, the movement of Mercury and Aquarius may bring some stagnation.

However, keep moving forward with vigor and relentless efforts for they shall be rewarded. Saturn enters Aquarius through movement in the Fourth House. Transiting Saturn has a direct aspect over the tenth house. This transition brings on a challenging front, thus, working with due diligence can overcome the obstacles that come your way. Your Scorpio Horoscope asks you to be careful of your health and family for they are a huge part of your life. Without you, their life might be as empty as it can be.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Therefore, take care of yourself for them. The beginning of July sees the hustle and bustle of planets. Saturn starts to move in a retrograde mode and enters Capricorn. Thus, both Jupiter and Saturn transit in retrograde through the third house. You might be lured into a program that is not all it appears to be. LEO July Aug. Follow your instincts regarding health and wellness plans. Exercise, diet are all likely to shift. Be aware of talks with large institutions as the substance may be uncertain. Conversations with your significant partner might be a bit confusing.

Your ruling planet, Mercury is cojoining Neptune and that may cloud the topic, so be aware. Elsewhere your creative expression may be undergoing a shift in direction. This is a slow motion shift, but you may get insight this week into a possible new direction. Your home and family may be slowly adapting to a new way forward.

This long-term influence may shift your priorities in ways you could not have imagined years ago. Changes are not to be feared. Rather they are to be embraced for they offer growth and the ability to expand your knowledge and love. Conversations with children may be a bit confusing this week so strive for clarity when speaking with them. The same holds true for creative endeavors.

Research and documentation are still prominent themes for you and will be undergoing a long-term shift for you. Siblings continue to be a topic for you and may require a new approach. Conversations that revolve around family or your physical home may be a bit uncertain or confusing. Mercury and Neptune together can create a backdrop of abstract ideas with ambiguity at their core. Long-term financial choices may be underway that dramatically shift your priorities. Secure investments that are recession proof and earth-based, renewable.

A collection of slow-moving planets continue to march through Capricorn.

You are singularly poised to evolve in a new manner unlike anything you have known before. Take this opportunity to plot out the best course forward. Be aware of conversations with siblings that could meander into confusion.

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Contracts and written agreements may require scrutiny. Geminis of the childbearing set could have pregnancy news as your fifth house of fertility is revved up. Just watch for a more challenging kind of fireworks on November 5, when Mars locks into a heated square with power-tripping Pluto, which is in your eighth house of intimacy and control. A fast-moving attraction could be stalled by your unwillingness or theirs to get truly vulnerable. Surrender is required at a certain point—but how soon is too soon?

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Some old trust issues could flare up. YOU certainly do! But are you seeing things clearly? This realm can be both receptive AND deceptive. On the one hand, you may find yourself in a situation that humbles you and forces you to drop your defenses. Say a loving goodbye to all that, Gemini. This lunation will be opposite Mercury retrograde in your health zone, making this an ideal time to rest and reflect.

Your subconscious is highly active now, but your whirling thoughts could ramp up stress and make you susceptible to getting sick. La luna will also form a harmonious trine to structured Saturn and penetrating Pluto, which are both in Capricorn and your intimate eighth house. And if you need to really shake things up, wait for November 24, when disrupter Uranus in Taurus will oppose Mars in Scorpio.

The moon-Saturn-Pluto alliance could also bring an opportunity to invest in property or a financial gift from a family member, perhaps through an inheritance or a loan. A fresh wave of relationship energy rolls in on November 22, when the Sun starts a monthlong visit to Sagittarius and your seventh house of companionship and commitments. If you put off signing contracts while Mercury was retrograde advised by astrologers or your bonds hit a few bumps, get busy making amends and inking deals. The November 26 Sagittarius new moon could bring an exciting partnership opportunity with a person whose skills and superpowers pair perfectly with yours.

And it keeps getting better! On November 27, hazy Neptune ends a five-month retrograde in Pisces and your tenth house of career. For those gathering with family for the U. Thanksgiving weekend, there will be plenty of intimate bonding and maybe even a holiday proposal as the moon, love planet Venus, serious Saturn AND deep-diving Pluto all cluster into Capricorn and your eighth house of merging, investments and shared finances.

Is it time to get Instagram- or TikTok-official with your sweetie, or to bring your lives together in a more permanent way? Financially, Black Friday might be less of a shopping spree and more of a time to mindfully put your money into something that pays dividends. Consider setting up an affiliate shop that curates your own favorite brands—and maybe gives a portion back to charity.

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You can do good and earn some passive income. Everyone wins! What a month for love it is! Amorous Venus and lusty Mars are heating up the most relationship-driven parts of your chart, pouring jet fuel in your romance tanks. From November 1 to 25, Venus is touring Sagittarius and your seventh house of partnership, helping you find the sweet spot between commitment and personal freedom.

If the balance in a key connection feels off-kilter, these next three weeks provide an opening for talking it out and finding a workable compromise.

Aquarius 2019 - 2020 Astrology Annual Forecast

Single Geminis should lean into your natural gift of gab for meeting someone with LTR potential. Sultry conversation is the best aphrodisiac! Meanwhile, over in your passionate fifth house, lusty Mars is stoking your libido as he makes his biennial blaze through Libra and your pleasure sector until November Make the most of this glamorous cycle by dressing up and enjoying all the attention you effortlessly attract.

For some Twins, a casual flirtation could heat up to full consummation. Note: There could be a side of drama too. Longtime couples will enjoy these sizzling vibes, which, P. The action should settle down a bit starting November 19, when Mars relocates to Scorpio and your grounded sixth house until January 3, How about a fall fitness kick for two?

While these two luminaries meet up every year, they only commune in THIS part of your chart once every 12 years! Since Jupiter is all about adventure, travel and risk-taking, you might be fielding a pre-holiday proposal or spontaneously leaping into something more serious.