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In case you happen to be a German teacher in a Kendriya Vidyalaya, well, look on the bright side: both Sanskrit and German belong to the same family! Yoga teacher: From time immemorial, people all over the world in stressful circumstances have been taking deep breaths without knowing that they were doing pranayama. Their ignorance was so deep that they did not know that they did not know that pranayama is an innovation of yoga, which is an innovation of Vedic India. But now, with a whole new ministry dedicated to encouraging your career prospects, the age of ignorance is officially over.

The world is your yoga mat. Moral policeman: This is one of the most high-profile careers right now.


Indian morals are under siege from every side. Every day we see a new threat raising its turgid head in a bid to corrupt the pristine glory of Hindu morals the orthodox name for Indian morals. If there is a Kiss of Love attack one day, then there is Love Jihad on the next.

Moral policemen are the karmic warriors who will protect Indian culture from Indians. If you have no girlfriend, have never had one, and have no hope of persuading one to go out on a date with you, then know that you have exactly what it takes to be a guardian of Indian culture and Hindu morals. There is a growing market for satsangs in India right now. As also for mata ki chowkis. If you have basic organizational skills, and a network of failed chanda collectors, failed audio technicians, failed tent-suppliers, failed singers, failed samosa vendors, and failed furniture dealers, print your visiting card and start your business venture.

Worst-case scenario, your business might fail.


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In which case, the experience gained will give you extra credentials to start afresh as 5 above. Astrologer: Need I tell you, the future of astrology has never been brighter. Given the ongoing renaissance of Vedic knowledge, and the blessings of the new human resources development ministry, Vedic astrology, as was predicted by Vedic astrologers 12, years ago, is all set to advance from its golden age to the platinum age.

As you would already know if you were any good, you will shortly go on to make astrology your full-time occupation, and die a rich man on an auspicious day. Riot engineer: Actually, there are no such people as riot engineers. Riots always happen spontaneously in the months preceding an election.

Ayanāṃśa – or where exactly does the sidereal zodiac begin?

All the same, though the existence of riot engineers is yet to be empirically proven — they are like the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, first described by the Vedic physicist Planckayana in 25, BC — their existence can be inferred by other quantum phenomena.

Sooner or later, the enlightened swamis shall prevail over the impudent Goswamis. Alternately, the 'Siddhanta Siromani' talks about planets, the radius of earth, eclipses and seven atmospheric layers. Neelkantha, Kalyana Verma, Venkatesa and Kalidasa are some of the other authors and teachers from the divine tradition of Vedic astrology, who made significant contributions in form of their books and teachings.

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